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Under Control Radio

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Under control Radio - Liquid FiveGenre: Deep-House, EDM, Electro-House
Release: Every friday on the odd weeks
Length: 60 mins
Type: Talk, Mix, Jingles
Language: en

Description: Under Control Radio by liquidfive: A New Wave in House Dance Music Introducing « Under Control Radio, » the brainchild of the renowned German DJ, musician, and producer liquidfive. Broadcasting bi-weekly, this global radio show is your gateway to the freshest sounds in House and Dance music. Each episode, liquidfive will debut his latest tracks and exclusive edits, alongside showcasing trending hits from a diverse array of artists across various House Dance genres. 1. Exclusive Content: liquidfive, known for his prolific output with over 50 releases in the past five years, provides exclusive first listens to his newest creations. His music, characterized by uplifting melodies, powerful vocals, and danceable beats, has earned him a loyal fanbase. This is an unparalleled opportunity for radio stations to offer fresh and exclusive content to their audience. 2. Expert Curation: With a deep understanding and passion for dance music, liquidfive’s selections are always on point, reflecting the latest trends and upcoming hits in the genre. His background as a DJ and producer ensures a professional and engaging listening experience. 3. Diverse Musical Palette: The show isn’t just about liquidfive’s music. It includes tracks from a variety of artists, providing a comprehensive look at the evolving house dance scene. This diversity keeps the content dynamic and appealing to a wide audience. About liquidfive: Martin Maximilian Kotzur aka liquidfive is a German artist who aims to establish house dance and electronic music internationally. liquidfive collaborated with many international artists such as Tom Novy, Joe Killington, ENIGMA and B Martin. liquidfive’s songs regularly end up in the international dance charts; with his track ‘Veins’ was recently placed in the top 10 of the US dance charts and tracks like ‘No Sugar’ were internationally successful on radio. Many new songs and collaborations are locked away for the future, so keep a watchful eye on what German producer liquidfive has coming in the near future! In addition to his music career, liquidfive runs his own label, 5L Records, dedicated to promoting danceable house music. His commitment to his craft and his innovative approach to music production make him a standout figure in the industry. « Under Control Radio » is not just a show; it’s an experience crafted by an artist with a proven track record of creating hits and understanding the pulse of the dance music scene. By adding this show to your station’s lineup, you offer listeners a unique blend of exclusive tracks, expert curation, and a deep dive into the world of house dance music. For more information on liquidfive and his work, visit his official website – follow him on social media platforms like Instagram or visit his YouTube channel. Contact: – Pages:

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