Besomoprh, Adam Woods – Heart on Fire

micBesomoprh, Adam Woodstoday12/02/2024 39

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A new exhilarating release is going to make its way into the hearts of EDM fans worldwide. BESOMORPH reworked a famous saxophone sample in HEART ON FIRE with ease. He shares: “I stumbled across that saxophone sound and instantly felt the catchiness and potential.” BESOMORPH quickly joined forces with singer and songwriter Adam Woods and redefined it into a contemporary EDM production combined with his dark signature sound. The lyrical and melodic play about igniting love and a heart that is set on fire is perfectly complemented with the saxophone which musically represents the fire.
By coincidence Adam Woods is attending the Eurovision Contest in 2024, which is also where the original saxophone sample was initially performed at in 2010. After that Sunstroke Project member ‘Epic Sax Guy’ and his saxophone sample became widely famous and true meme material. Just recently the sample went viral again on Tiktok with ten thousands of new creations using the sound.


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